Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday pics!


Here are some pics from the week. Enjoy!


First Tux....Yeah!

Loungin (about 10 minutes after this Dylan peed all over me..haha.)
All of the boys hangin out!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dylan's Mom

Hello everyone!! This is Dylan's mom just learning how to use this website and officially become a "blogger". I would like to piggyback what Jesse said about all of your support while we were at the hospital, it was really great to see so many people there and since I was in the hospital for an extra day it helped make time go by faster!!

Last night was our second full night at home and so far everything is going better than I expected. He is waking up every two or three hours, but after he eats he goes right back to sleep. During the day we have just kinda been getting used to each other and parenting...we've had some pretty comical moments so far :-) and I have REALLY enjoyed having Jesse here with me this week, I am going to miss him when he goes back to work.

It is my intention to post regular updates here about Dylan and the things our family is up to, so check back and feel free to write comments.

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Pictures! 4/21/09

Amy and I wanted to say thanks to all who stopped by the hospital this past weekend! Thanks for all of the wonderful gifts!

Dylan is home now and doing great! Louie is very curious but really likes him!



Our Little Cub Fan.
(Since Dylan has been born the Cubs haven't lost)

Grandma Smith holding lil Dyl

Lots of Pictures!

Spanky Beckman!Uncle Josh (aka....Walt)
Great Grandpa Jim enjoying Dylan
Great Grandparents!
Great Grandma Julie and Mr. Smith

Patty holding little DHank

Mom and Dylan playing!
Aren't I cute?
Checking out whats going on!
Nancy with Dylan!

The Smiths leaving the Hospital!
Posing :)
Mom n Dylan

Chillin with the Old Man

Mikey and Dylan

Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome Dylan Henry Smith!!!!

Hello Everyone!
This is Jesse. I thought I would set up a blog to post the pictures of baby Dylan.
Here are his details:
Dylan Henry Smith
Born 4/17/08 7:17pm
Weighed 8lb 4oz
Length 20in
Amy and baby are doing wonderful!!!!
Love Jesse, Amy, and Louie!
Here are some Pics! Enjoy!
Amy and Dylan :)
Me and Dylan
Dylan Close UpWaiting around for baby!
Pre Surgery
Great Grandma!!