Monday, April 21, 2008

New Pictures! 4/21/09

Amy and I wanted to say thanks to all who stopped by the hospital this past weekend! Thanks for all of the wonderful gifts!

Dylan is home now and doing great! Louie is very curious but really likes him!



Our Little Cub Fan.
(Since Dylan has been born the Cubs haven't lost)

Grandma Smith holding lil Dyl

Lots of Pictures!

Spanky Beckman!Uncle Josh (aka....Walt)
Great Grandpa Jim enjoying Dylan
Great Grandparents!
Great Grandma Julie and Mr. Smith

Patty holding little DHank

Mom and Dylan playing!
Aren't I cute?
Checking out whats going on!
Nancy with Dylan!

The Smiths leaving the Hospital!
Posing :)
Mom n Dylan

Chillin with the Old Man

Mikey and Dylan

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